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Personal Training

We offer professional personal training programs to suit your needs. Whether it is endurance, muscle gain, tone up or anything else that your fitness goals require we can help you achieve them. Our trainers have the latest education in nutrition, workouts and what’s right for your body. We can provide a solution that is best for your body, time and workout ability.



Finding your muscles are just a little to sore after your workout or sports activity, why not schedule a massage therapy session? Our fully trained Massage Therapist can help you with tense muscles that are causing soreness and stiffness. Whether 30 minutes or 50 minutes, once a week or twice a week, we can suggest a plan of recovery to get you back at optimum performance in no time.


Group Training

Get fit with your friends! We can train you and some friends to get fit for a vacation, to start a healthier lifestyle or for the many other reasons you have. Divide the personal training costs with your friends and still get our commitment to help you reach your personal goals. Come in and talk to us today about group training and see how easy and fun it is with friends motivating each other!

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